There are plenty of good reasons to buy a brand-spanking new property.

In fact, according to Huddersfield house builder SB Homes, there are nine top rationale for purchasing a new home.

In this guest blog, they’ll explain what they are, and then we’ll tell you how the mortgage process works.

First, over to SB Homes


1. Bespoke

Many people love the idea of building their own home, so that they can plan their new property down to every last detail. But time, expertise and money can all be constraints with a self-build.

So, buying a home off-plan is a great option. Some developers allow buyers to make changes to internal layouts, fixtures and fittings, such as the position of doors and plug sockets through to the style of the kitchen worktops.

But here’s a tip – the sooner a home is reserved, the more choice is available!


2. Low maintenance

A home which can be locked up and left alone without the worry of maintenance is a great home, indeed.

With a new build, there’s no need to carry out repairs or redecorate when moving in. It simply allows the owner to enjoy the surroundings of their beautiful home without the stresses, strains or expense of an older property.


3. Warranty

With a new home, the likelihood is that it’s going to stay in great condition for many a decade.

But for added peace of mind, most new properties are sold with a ten-year warranty and protection scheme, in case anything crops up.


4. Flexibility

A new home isn’t part of an upper chain, meaning that many of the pitfalls of buying can be avoided.


5. Security

New build homes offer increased safety, as building standards require developers to adhere to strict security measures.

For example, new properties will be built with fire and electric regulations in mind, secure locks on doors and windows, and security lights and alarms.


6. Economically and environmentally friendly

KB Mortgage Services is all about saving buyers and home owners money, so it seems fitting that new homes can help to achieve this too.

On average, new build properties are six times more energy-efficient and generate 60% less CO2 emissions than older homes. Not only is that a positive for the environment, but a home owner’s back pocket too.


7. Gadgets

We’re a nation of gadget-lovers, and smart-tech in homes is on the rise. And it’s much easier and less expensive to install them when they’ve been pre-planned into the DNA of a property.


8. Specification

House buyers today demand better quality fittings than ever before, and house builders are willing to install them. This means that purchasers can get more ‘bang for their buck’, when it comes to specifications.


En-suites, integrated appliances and stylish bathrooms often come as standard.


9. Peace of mind

Building standards have grown significantly in the past few years, resulting in 90% of home buyers declaring themselves satisfied with their new home, in a recent industry survey.

If you’ve read the reasons, and you love the idea of buying a new home, then we’ve outlined how the mortgage process differs from an older property…



Borrowing money for a property off-plan is acceptable for most lenders, but mortgage offers will only typically be valid for six months.

If the completion date passes this period then it’s likely that the lender will consider an extension, but the terms may change.



Buyers may need a bigger deposit as some lenders offer a lower loan-to-value figure on new properties.


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