June 13th might not ring a bell to most people. But to KB Mortgage Services, it’s an important milestone. It marks our birthday, meaning that we’re two years old today!

So, we thought this would be a good opportunity to thank all of our clients, peers and connections for making them the best two years we could’ve imagined.

What we’ve done in our first two years:

  • Supported over 300 clients in the hunt for a new home or in the quest for a better mortgage.
  • We’ve achieved over 80 five-star reviews, making us the highest rated mortgage/protection advice firm in Huddersfield, Brighouse and West Yorkshire.
  • Started our blog, which has growing readership figures month on month. Hopefully that means that people enjoy reading our advice/guidance, and we’ll continue to write things we think will help you. Let us know if you have any requests!
  • We’ve built up a solid following on social media, and we love posting commentary that’s of value to you. Our Facebook page is here, and here we are on Twitter.

If we could send you all a big piece of cake, we would. We have a lot to thank you for, including recommending our mortgage and protection services.

So, here’s to the next two years – we wonder what we’ll be doing then?

If you’re looking for mortgage or protection advice in Huddersfield, Brighouse or West Yorkshire, get in touch – we’re the highest rated in the area, if we hadn’t already mentioned 😉

[email protected]