I recently chatted to The Examiner to give a little insight into the world of KB Mortgage Services and what it takes to be a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield.

So if you want to find out why I started KB Mortgage Services, or what my favourite coffee is, then read on…

Kate Burns is the founder of KB Mortgage Services — a Huddersfield-based mortgage and insurance protection company, which she launched in 2016.


1. What’s your business motto?

It might sound clichéd, but customer service is the centre to my business, so I simply treat people how I would like to be treated!


2. How do you make contacts which are useful for business?

In the past I’ve attended a lot of networking meetings, and from time-to-time I still do. They’re great for meeting like-minded business people as well as potential customers. However, the majority of my clients find me through referrals and word-of-mouth — which I personally think is the best way!


3. What makes your business different?

I’ve worked for companies in the past where employees provide advice based on what’s best for the business’ bottom line, rather than the customer.

That’s nothing like my approach! I act 100% in the best interest of my clients.


4. What do you always have with you?

My phone — I like to always be available.


5. Do you dress up or dress down for business?

I find it important to dress up for work as it puts me in the right mindset, so I often wear heels and a suit — whether I’m in the office, at a meeting or a networking event.


6. Which person has inspired you most in your business life and in what way?

I have inherited my work ethic from my dad. From a young age, I would see him putting in a lot of hours, and I think that’s something which has been instilled into me. You have to put into your business what you want to get out of it.


7. What’s your proudest achievement in business?

I’m still really proud when people choose to work with me!

Before setting up KB Mortgage Services, I had wanted to work for myself for a while, and it was a big decision to take the plunge. Now I’m a year down the line, and get excited every time I receive a new enquiry — I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!


8. What’s your company’s greatest asset?

Without blowing my own trumpet — it’s probably me! I am really passionate about my business and love to help people in one of the biggest commitments of their lives.


9. Do you use social media and if so with how much success?

I’ve always found LinkedIn helpful for building business relationships, but more recently I’ve started using Facebook and Twitter too.

It lets people know that there is a human behind my business, which is important in my industry — mortgages and insurance can be confusing/overwhelming at the best of times!

Plus the traffic to my website has increased, so hopefully that shows that people are taking notice.


10. If you hadn’t gone down your chosen career path, what would you be doing?

I would probably have been a business development manager as I love to build relationships with people.


11. Give us one tip for a successful business:

Go above and beyond your clients’ expectations.


12. At what time of the day are you most creative or inspired?

Probably in a morning when I’ve just had my coffee.


13. How do you relax away from work?

Relax? What’s that? Joking aside, I find the gym a great release from the stresses of work. Or if all else fails, then a holiday always helps. It does take me a while to switch off, though.


14. When do you take your coffee break?

Unfortunately I don’t take a coffee break, I tend to just have one between or in meetings!


15. Who would you most like a coffee with?

This is a tricky one, but I’d have to say Sir Alan Sugar. I have read up on his success and I would love to hear his stories on what he’s achieved in life, and how. I’m sure he has many!


16. What’s your favourite coffee break?

I can’t drink this all day, but my favourite coffee would have to be a skinny cappuccino with a shot of sugar-free caramel!