Buying a house is, clearly, a huge commitment. It is not something to do on impulse and it’s important you tick all the boxes, to ensure you get it right – first time round.

To make the process a little easier for you, here’s a 10-point checklist to follow when buying:


1. Check your credit score


First of all, check your credit score. It plays a huge part in securing a mortgage; affecting both your application status and how much a lender will let you borrow.


Typically, the higher the credit score, the better deal you may be entitled to. Here, in our blog, you can find out where to check your score for free and how to improve it.


2. Save for a deposit


It’s important to have your finances in order. Saving for a healthy deposit is something you may have been doing for the past few years. However, there may still be ways which you can boost your savings pot – here are some ideas.


And if you haven’t started, it’s best to get going as soon as possible. The larger deposit you put down will usually lower your mortgage payments per month.


3. What can you afford?


Once you’ve checked your credit score and got your deposit in place, you need to figure out how much you’ll be able to afford to pay towards your mortgage and bills, each month. You will need to seek advice from a mortgage broker for the exact figure including interest rates, but if you have an idea of how much you can afford, it’ll give you a clearer understanding of the price range of houses you can look at.


4. Choose a mortgage advisor


Don’t worry, buying a house isn’t all about finances, it can very much be an exciting process – for the most part. Using a mortgage advisor can save you hassle and time – time that can be spent on the fun parts of moving home, such as searching for the right property and choosing the perfect fixtures and fittings.


They’re here to present you with the best options. KB Mortgage Services will give you an unbiased advice and help you choose a deal that not only suits your financial situation, but also potentially saves you money.


5. Decide what you want from your ‘dream’ home


Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want from your new home. Devise a list with two categories; a non-negotiable list and a wish list. Within the non-negotiable list you’ll have things you definitely want in your house, i.e. the number of bedrooms, whether it has a garden and/or a garage.


The wish list will include things that you would really like, such as an ensuite bathroom, a home office etc. This will make it easier for you when you are booking house viewings.


6. Do a location search


Location is a very important point to factor in. Most people will intend, when buying a home, to stay there for a number of years, so choosing the right location is crucial. Have an idea in your head of where your ideal area would be and don’t settle for anything less – and pay multiple visits to the location.


Remember, you’ll want to still love the area you live in in two, ten- and 15-years’ time.


7. Prepare for house viewings


There’s a lot to take in when you go view your potential new home, so it’s important to have a checklist prepared beforehand. This will hopefully avoid you coming away from the viewing thinking ‘Was there enough storage space? or ‘Is it leasehold or freehold?’.


8. Negotiate an offer


Great, you’ve fallen in love with a home – now for the negotiations, which is something that KB Mortgage Services can help with.


Our mortgage advisor, Kate, doesn’t just have experience in mortgages, she also has a background in estate agencies, and is well-placed to help you negotiate an offer, either through the agent or direct with the home owner. We can often help save £1,000s off the asking price.


9. Find a solicitor


For any house sale to go through, you need a solicitor. They deal with the legal side of your purchase and are there to advise and guide you through the process. If you have a property to sell, they help with any queries raised, handle contracts, and transfer funds on the all-important day of completion!


Kate has built up connections with some of the best solicitors that Yorkshire has to offer. So, if you’re looking for a recommendation, we can put you in touch with our approved associates.


10. Move in and enjoy


Move-in day – a day full of all kinds of emotions, but definitely a day to remember. Your solicitors will deal with the purchase transaction and all you have to do is be handed the keys and start moving your belongings in.


Don’t worry if things aren’t looking exactly how you want them to straight away. Once you’re in, you might realise that you like your sofa in a different place, your microwave at the other end of the worktop and your lamp on the left bedside table – you’ll get your ‘homely’ feeling soon enough, enjoy!


If you’re moving home in the Huddersfield, Brighouse, Elland – or West Yorkshire in general – then why not get in touch with our mortgage broker? With many years’ experience in mortgage advice, we’re well-placed to help you get the right mortgage and insurance.


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